Youth Services


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RRCI youth group focuses on ages 5- 21. We strive to give youth the tools to empower themselves and create lasting positive relationships. We do this by giving them opportunities and providing activities that establish: job, advocacy, and social skills.

Pre-Employment Transition Services for Students with Disabilities 

Students Ages 14-21  with IEP/504 (Required)

Pre-ETS is a program designed to fulfill the needs of individuals with disabilities to independently integrate into their community's workforce. The program provides individuals with disabilities the tools needed to be a successful working member of society. These tools may include personal and professional skill development, communication, social expectations, preparedness, etc. Other program benefits might entail the following:


* Provides individuals with disabilities a sense of purpose and greater self-confidence.

*Gives special educators and their students a break from their ordinary routines.

*Gives a member of the community, with or without a disability, the chance to be a mentor, leader, and earn a minimal wage.

*Addresses the stigmas some in society may have about individuals with disabilities being a part of the workforce.


RRCI is contracted to provide “Workplace Readiness Training” and “Training on Self-Advocacy”. In order to offer and receive funding from the DWS for the program, RRCI is required to meet certain regulations and is contracted with the USOR. We are also required to obtain permission from within local school districts from the directors and teachers of special education.


Eligible Students for Pre-ETS: 

1) Must be aged 14-21

2) Eligible for and receiving services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) or is an individual with a disability for purposes of section 504

3) Is enrolled in a secondary or postsecondary educational program.

Please feel free to download informational documents or applications

Youth Group

RRCI offers three after school youth groups that are free to youth ages: 5-10,  11-15, and 16-21.

 This is a great way to help those with disabilities develop relationships with their peers, learn to be more independent, and gain access to community resources or supports. These groups offer a variety of other services, including but not limited to:


Transitional Skills & Life Training

Advocacy/IEP Support

Information & Referral

Limited Transportation 

Please feel free to download an application and contact Dan Halacy for intake via or 435-673-7501

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