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Meet our Empowerment Team! 

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Hayden Johnson

Executive Director 


Summer Hildreth

Office Manager 

Tim Leslie, the IL supervisor, smiling

Tim Leslie

I.L. & I.L. Supervisor

Headshot of Jamie Moore, the Community Integration Specialist, smiling

Jamie Moore

Community Integration Specialist

Lynda Rogers Photo 2023.jpg

Lynda Rogers

Receptionist &
Support Staff

Headshot of Renae Legere, Older Blind Specialist

Renae Legere

I.L &
Older Blind Specialist 

Headshot of Brenda Mckee, Networking Specialist

Brenda Mckee

I.L. &
Networking Specialist 

Headshot of Vinh Ha, Integrative Technology Coordinator

Vinh Ha

Assistive Technology Coordinator

Headshot of Myrna Hennefer, IL and Nursing Home Transition

Myrna Hennefer

I.L & Nursing Home Transition 

Lindsay Picture.jpg

Lindsay Ludwig

Youth I.L. Coordinator

Headshot of Kayla Robertson, IL Youth Coordinator

Kayla Robertson

Youth I.L. Coordinator


Jeanne Fielding

I.L. & Older Blind Specialist

Serving Iron County

Headshot of Jill Hattan, IL for Hurricane and Kane County

Jill Hattan


Serving Hurricane area

 & Kane County

Headshot of Rhonda Robinson, IL for Sevier and Wayne Counties

Rhonda Robinson


Serving Sevier, Wayne, Paiute, and Garfield Counties


Frank Robbins


Serving Beaver and Millard Counties

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